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At The V Renaissance we design bespoke luxury and soulful products for our clientele starting from scratch, taking into account the client’s personality and requirements.

TVR is a brainchild of – a creative entrepreneur – Vipul Amar, and a creative psychologist – Harsheen K. Arora. The brand started off by making photographic artwork on canvas. Vipul did a personalized photo-shoot while Harsheen brought out the inner self of the client through psychology. Eventually, the same idea was extended to other luxury products of leather merchandise, such as jackets, bags, luggage, costumes, lingerie, furniture and interiors.

“We are absolutely true to the term ‘bespoke’. Being a professional psychologist, I aim to reach the depths of what our clients are actually looking for. We have one on one session with our clients to understand their personalities and their needs and we use this information to come up with a product built literally for their selves.– Harsheen K. Arora

The process of building a bespoke leather product for our clients is one that takes time – often several months. It begins with the aforementioned interview in the presence of Vipul and Harsheen, who end up determining the particulars of the product that the client wants to have built. Then, the two move on to build the sketch for the product which is subsequently presented to the client. Once the sketch is approved, a mock is built out of the design by their skilled team of craftsmen, which, after alteration, serves as the groundwork for the final product.

The design process involves eight distinct phases – the Inspiration for sketching, the definition of the product, the allocation of resources from around the world, the building of the product in the workshop, the prototype, use of the prototype to point out flaws, planning for the final product, and production of the final product.” – Vipul Amar

The innovation of TVR’s products isn’t limited to just conventional leather materials. It also involves the design of novel leather products and other interesting materials like silicone, carbon fibre, metal, electricals, technology such as leather armours – both traditional looking and futuristic one operated by a phone app. TVR has designed armours for movies like Director Manirathnam’s PS-1 (nominated at 16th Asian Awards for costume design), Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat (winner of Best Costume Design 25th Star Screen Awards) , Director Simon West’s Skyfire, to name a few. The V Renaissance have also provided a range of their products from fashion, lifestyle to interiors for upcoming films by Director Karan Johar, Director Raju Hirani, and Director S. Shankar to name a few.

“At The V Renaissance we delve deeper into human expression to come up with products that define people for who they are and who they wish to be.” – Harsheen K. Arora

“At The V Renaissance we value quality and our driving force lies in the belief that TVR products be passed on from one generation to the next- that to us is true Luxury!” – Vipul Amar

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