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Director’s Swivel Chair

  • Type: Furniture
  • Material: finest Italian Cow leather
  • Designer Brand: The V Renaissance
  • Color: Whisky & Ocean Blue
  • Trimmings: Brass
  • Frame: Seasoned Teak wood
  • Trend: Winchester
  • Pattern: Smooth
  • Price: On Demand
  • Special Feature: Seasoned Teak Wood hand-carved swivel and arm rest along with personalised logo plate at the back.
  • Additions: Customised design, Customised Brass Trimmings, Wooden Carving, and Option of embossing your initials, name, company emblem or a message on to the leather or engraving it on to a logo plate. The logo plate comes with the options of 24-Carat Gold, Rhodium plating and Diamond embedded.
  • Customisation of design, size, colour, leather type, leather style, accessories, trimmings, carvings, embossing is available. Contact us at for the same 
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