An industrialist of repute, a cinematic photographer and a very passionate poet

It’s in the way he puckers his lips and cringes his eye, as he reaches for a lighter and lights up a cigarette with utmost flamboyance. “Smoke fascinates me” says the managing director of The ‘V’ Renaissance (TVR), as he sips on his black coffee made from the choicest Italian coffee beans that he specifically prefers.

That’s Vipul Amar, the always well-dressed, bearded, pony tailed man who also is cinematic photographer and an industrialist of repute. The magic that he spins in his photographs comes from the belief in bringing out the truest emotion of the subject. “You have to feel what you see yourself as. And you need to always feel immaculate” says the self-taught photographer.

From the way he mixes a spoonful of sugar into his cup of black coffee to the manner in which he lunges down holding his camera, in style, to capture that perfect shot through his lens, his actions scream of perfection and flair.

From being a leather connoisseur whose company The TVR, specialises in producing bespoke luxury leather goods to whipping up a great meal (he used to own a café – Caffe Red Bricks years ago), he’s the best at whatever he does. “If I do something, I will be the best at it. Else, I don’t do it at all!” says Vipul.

Coming from a third generation business family and his group of companies (The GAC group) specializing in the food ingredients used in the FMCG food sector in Europe, Japan and the US, he has experienced a lot of ups and downs in these twenty years of being in this business. And the most important thing that kept him going is his belief in his gut instinct. “My instinct always told me the right thing to do” says Vipul who had also won the best youngest industrialist award at the age of 25.

With a penchant for dressing up real fine, he believes that no matter how a person looks, he can always present himself well by being well dressed. Apart from that, he also owns an enviable collection of luxury hats that he picked up during his business travels. And his constant travel companion is his beloved camera.

A man of conviction who radiates poise, finesse and perfection, he also is a thorough entertainer. Being an absolute charmer, the effervescent Vipul Amar always ensures that anyone who walks in at his address is administered with top class comfort! Never ceasing to miss out on living every moment of his life, he says “Whatever happens and whatever you do, have fun with it” he quips with a wink.

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