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An industrialist of repute, a cinematic photographer and a very passionate poet

Vipul Amar, is the happiest when he is capturing real life emotions through the lens. Coming from a third-generation business family, Vipul’s group of companies specialize in food ingredients used in the FMCG food sector in Europe, Japan and the US. But that hasn’t taken away from his intrinsic interest in the fine arts, theatre, music and culinary arts developed at a very early age. “Without these, somewhere, I would feel a lack of life! The creativity which somehow had been lost someplace in all these years of building a business empire has now come back to me”, he says.

During his business trips, his permanent travel companion would always be his camera – the very camera which has been, in his busy schedule, the only fulfilling source of creativity. Vipul attributes his closest friends- Saahil and Harsheen-as the catalysts in his life that egged him on to pursue his passion for photography, which has spiraled into a second profession.

Photography to Vipul is synonymous to zeal, fervor and an ardor that cannot be dampened. For him, it has been a remarkable journey. He avoids cookie-cutter shoots, and pitches whole-heartedly into concept shoots, where emotions are the real stars! His sole belief is in expression. For him there is no ‘right’ pose, stance or attitude which makes a model look good. He now has an enviable repertoire of professional work, including high-profile concept shoots, ad campaigns and editorials.

Vipul’s latest venture ‘The V Renaissance’ is an extension of his published project ‘Stupid Eye’ with Harsheen K. Arora. The V Renaissance conceptualizes your inner-self through the medium of photography and translates it on to fine canvases that narrate your identity in unspoken words. Each of his photographs is born out of a story – he pens down with lights and shadows. He says, “I believe in the fact that being yourself makes the photograph true to you. We are all a creation of the light of goodness and the darkness of the evil, and that is what my inspiration is…”.