Harsheen Arora

A trained Psychologist

The mind intrigues her…

Her sublime eyes, resonating with the marvel of being, knowing and acceptance, gauging everything around, people, in particular, emanates into a warm hearted smile. “I follow my heart” says Harsheen K. Arora, a trained psychologist of repute.

“Confidence is being comfortable with who you are” she remarks asserting the importance of staying true to yourself.
Being always academically brilliant since childhood and an avid book reader, she did her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and her post-graduation in clinical psychology from the esteemed University of Wales, UK with a first class degree in both.  Honing her skills with the most reputed names in the country, she now consults with individual clients.

Observing people piques her interest. One look at you and she’ll see through. Precise and succinct with her words, advice from her will, blow open your mind like continuous eureka moments bubbling away perpetually.

Speak of connecting the dots and Sheen (as she’s fondly called) wings it in a spectacular way with supreme brilliance. One of the offshoots of which is her endeavor with Vipul Amar, in amalgamating psychological therapeutic techniques with photography into a venture called the Stupid Eye.

This fashion psychology exponent runs her own luxury bespoke leather line with Vipul Amar that she herself christened as The ‘V’ Renaissance (TVR). The imported Italian leather at TVR is customized in accordance to the whims and fancies of the select patrons that reflects their true self.

An ardent Baker whose fussy about keeping everything spick and span, Harsheen has trained in belly dancing, gymnastics etc. to name a few. Taking each day as it comes, she lets her heart take the lead. Her glaring desire for life in itself radiates into everything she does. With a mind so glorious, she is what she is.

She is silent lucidity. She is, Sheen.

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