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The V Renaissance
Bespoke Art and Luxury!
A Passionate bunch of designers & photographers


We aesthetically conceptualize your inner self, beauty and pure class through photographic artwork

on fine canvases that narrate your unspoken story, your personality and depths you are still to discover.

These stories are then printed in UV Roll Printing and are further varnished by hand. These high-quality inks stand the test of time and are not affected by sunlight and are eco-friendly. These prints are then bound in bespoke seasoned hand-carved teak-wood frames that are enhanced with customized Logos. The Logo plates are in different types of polishes which includes genuine Silver, pure Rhodium, 18 and 24-carat gold and oxidized brush polishes. All these are forged according to the client specifications.

Taking it a step further, we also have the V Bespoke Atelier for couture and jewellery. The Atelier hand-makes pocket squares for men, jewellery, scarves for women in fine silk in vivid colours and frames from photographic artwork that is an extension to your personality. The V Atelier Workshop also customizes aesthetic spaces in luxury and upscale homes, with superior quality leather products and furniture.