The V Renaissance
Bespoke Art and Luxury!


We aesthetically conceptualize your inner self, beauty and pure class through photographic artwork

on fine canvases that narrate your unspoken story, your personality and depths you are still to discover.

The V Renaissance is an extension of the people who make it. The idea behind the brand was to create things that we loved but were unable to find them easily. The “we” comprises of Vipul Amar – an entrepreneur and artist; Harsheen Arora – a psychologist and executive producer; and Gireesh Nair – a financial head and graphic designer. The brand was conceptualized to be a bespoke brand, as each one of us believes that every individual is unique.

Art being our forte we started with photographic artwork on canvas, wallpaper and silk couture. Bespoke art includes a personalized photo-shoot with the team where psychological skills are employed to bring out the real self of the protagonist by understanding their core personality and translating it into a piece of art. The same idea of bespoke now extends to our Leather and other merchandise, which includes – interiors, leather jackets, furniture, bags and luggage, helmets, desk tools, and lingerie.

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